Many people are constantly looking for easy and convenient ways to top-up their meters without the hassle of finding a vendor every time and or sleeping in darkness when their credit runs out at odd hours.

Top up your smart meter

Users can top-up their smart meters by entering their 8 or 9-meter ID, the amount of purchase, the name registered with the meter and the location.

Request credit balance

Users can request the credit balance of their smart meters by entering their 8 or 9-meter ID and the name registered with the meter. The credit balance is sent as an SMS on the number registered with the app.

Schedule a purchase

Users can schedule a time to make a purchase for their smart meter per month or per week. User can also set a timely reminder to purchase the prepaid to prevent their lights from running out.

Waakye Locator

Waakye is one of the most popular foods in Ghana consumed on a daily basis by many. Lovers of Waakye are constantly looking for the best Waakye joints where they can order their favorite meal and share their experiences with others.

Find Waakye vendors

Users can scout through a list of over 100 waakye vendors listed on the platform to find the nearest Waakye vendor from their current standpoint. Users can also access a list of popular Waakye vendors mostly curated from the users.

Order, pay and deliver

Users can make an order from the vendor of their choosing, make payment with mobile money and get their food delivered. Users can rate the service of the Vendors and give reviews on their food.

Connect with Waakye buddies

User can connect with fellow Waakye lovers by posting and sharing what they are eating and where they are eating whiles chatting amongst themselves through our instant messenger, ChatMe.