How We Started?

In September 2010, Origgin was founded by two friends, Kane and Desmond whiles in the university with no capital and resources. The pair run the business in school for a year before deciding to drop-out and focus full-time on building the company.

Where We Are?

Today, Origgin is a leading technology company run by a team of seasoned and experienced business executives who have played a major role in shaping the vision and transforming the company into a leading technology company.

Where We Are Going?

In the next years, Origgin will be a publicly traded multi-billion dollar company with a global footprint providing innovative products, services and solutions to businesses and people worldwide. This marks the beginning of a company built to last from now to the next generations.

A 100 Years And Beyond.

Our goal is to build Origgin into the biggest technology company in the world and to last over a 100 years. For Origgin to last over a 100 years means we will span over three generations. Therefore, we have created a set of ethos and practices to guide in transcending the company from the founders to the generations beyond. In the next 100 years, we hope to become a company that is constantly changing with the times and innovating at a pace that puts us at the fore front of continuously advancing human living.