Origgin releases E-Prepaid App for Android users

Origgin releases E-Prepaid, A simple and convenient way to buy electricity credit for your prepaid smart meter. E-Prepaid accepts payment on only MTN Mobile Money platform

E-Prepaid is designed and developed by Origgin Technologies, a consumer software company and a subsidiary of Origgin Group, one of Ghana’s biggest and most successful technology companies.


A Day In Tech 2017 set to commence soon

Kane Mani, Ghana’s biggest tech entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Origgin, Ghana’s biggest technology company, is set to commence with his monthly educational seminar dubbed: A DAY IN TECH.

A Day in Tech is a monthly educational seminar, designed by Kane Mani to train staff members in businesses and organizations with the latest ideas in technology, as well as its importance and how they can utilize the power of technology to enhance growth and development. The program is designed to take trainees through one of two training programs:

  • A one (1) month intensive training schedule
  • A three (3) month intensive training schedule

A day in Tech will take place on the premises of the organization whose staff undergo the training program.


Origgin Releases Waakye Locator For Android Users

By this, Origgin is pleased to announce WAAKYE LOCATOR, the first of its answer to one of the pressing question on the minds of most Ghanaians, where to find their favorite delicious waakye to buy. Waakye locator is a mobile app that allows users to easily locate the nearest waakye vendor directly from their smart phones. Waakye locator is currently available to all android users and can be downloaded for free from the Google play store. All consumers need is to download the app, sign up with their email address and phone numbers and voila, they are ready to locate the best waakye joints in town directly from their smart phones. The app also allows for a variety of features including picture galleries and reviews.

With waakye locator, users no longer need to be stressed out with worry about locating their delicious waakye joints.


Kane Mani Tech Tour Starts In 2017

Kane Mani, Ghana’s biggest tech entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Origgin, one of Ghana’s biggest technology company, will in 2017, kick start his annual educational technology tour dubbed; KANE MANI TECH TOUR, which will see him visit and educate students in 10 of the major universities across 7 regions in Ghana.

The KANE MANI TECH TOUR will be an annual event that will take place between August to September each year. It will commence in Accra before moving on to subsequent universities in the remaining regions, before concluding back in Accra at the University of Ghana.

The tour will seek to educate the upcoming generation on the importance and benefits of the power of technology. Students will be educated on the diverse opportunities available through the use of technology across the various fields of agriculture, health, education, sports and business. KANE MANI TECH TOUR is on the hunt to groom the next generation of Ghanaians into advanced tech literates, who through the knowledge of the power of technology, will revolutionize our continent and catapult it to the heights it deserves to be.

The tour will be hosted by Kane Mani, Ghana’s biggest tech entrepreneur, with supporting acts by the ever talented Eva Maria Huebl.


Origgin CEO profiled as Entrepreneur of the Month, April 2015.

An essential ingredient in becoming a successful entrepreneur is finding out how what you have or know can help other people, says Kane Mani, CEO of Origgin. He also has the conviction that finding out what one’s passion is and chasing after it, leads to becoming an accomplished business person. Origgin is a Ghanaian owned technology company, co-founded by Kane Mani and a friend in 2010. The company develops and supports mobile and cloud-based software businesses and organizations across Africa. Its Radio Gold app has grown in popularity over the years among radio listeners, who would rather tune in to the station on their Android smartphones. The company develops mobile apps for end-users on android and iOS platforms only. Click to read more.