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Unique Product Features

Our products are built with unique features to give customer a unique user experience and stand out from other consumer products.

Single Log In

Our products work with a single log in account. Users of any of our apps can easily log into any of our apps with the same log in details without creating a new account for any of the apps.

All in a Day

Our products have an in-built real-time day system that gives users information and updates on what time it is, the time of the day and current weather conditions based on the users current location.


Our products are built to connect with each other directly. This allows customers to switch in between other apps by Origgin that the user has downloaded without launching the app from the home page.


Many people are constantly looking for easy and convenient ways to top-up their meters without the hassle of finding a vendor every time and or sleeping in darkness when their credit runs out at odd hours. E-Prepaid is the solution to this problem.

Waakye Locator

Waakye is one of the most popular foods in Ghana consumed on daily basis by many. Lovers of Waakye are constantly looking for the best Waakye joints where they can order their favorite meal and share their experiences with others. Waakye Locator is the solution to this customer need.