Origgin is a consumer technology company that creates, designs, develops and markets technology solutions and services to solve everyday problems and improve the daily living of consumers.

Origgin was co-founded in 2010 as a mobile app company on a simple yet powerful idea; solve Africa’s toughest solutions with mobile apps. Over the years, Origgin has grown into a leading consumer technology company providing mobile apps that are used by many others to meet their daily needs.

Since 2010, Origgin has made it easier for consumers to leverage on the power of technology and enrich the lives of consumer in Ghana and across Africa.

Our mission is to advance the course of humanity through creating and inventing the best technology for every problem. Our vision is to become the biggest technology company in the world transforming our world and impacting generations.


Elisha Senoo

Head, Software Engineering

Divine Adzimah

Head, Sales & Marketing

Emmanuel Ewudzie

Executive Assistant to CEO

Origgin works with partners to create solutions and services to enrich the lives of Africans.